SELF HEAL Prunella vulgaris


Among other things Self Heal activates our inner energies of self healing and can act as a catalyst for inner healing, recovery and transformation. Helps us to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and nourishment and reminds us of the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.


Can help with feelings of self doubt or confusion or when our vital life force has been depleted such as in intense emotional upheaval or when a physical illness has left us drained.


This essence contains the energetic vibration of this single flower.

Self Heal

  • This was another essence co created during Retreat 2020 in full sunlight.

    + Self love, acceptance and compassion for yourself

    + Responsibility for our own health and well-being

    - Weakness/loss of vital life force

    - Guilt/self doubt/confusion

    - Wanting or needing to make healthier lifestyle choices

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