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At the time of booking my appointment with Penny, I was feeling quite anxious and ungrounded. I use homeopathic remedies for myself and daughter when we need them but I was intrigued to add flower essences to our daily lives along with taking supplements.


The consultation is very thorough, using your own intuition Penny can create a personalised essence through the information you give by being instinctively drawn to the essence cards. Penny was quick to use issue my two tinctures, one for protection and my own personal creation.


From the very first day, I instantly felt less anxious. It was instantaneous! I would recommend anyone thinking of implementing essences into their lives to do so! Thank you Penny!

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The only experience of flower essences I had was rescue remedy in my teens and since meeting Penny they are now my go to when I need some support..


Penny’s knowledge and intuition is fantastic she creates the perfect essence for me every time!!

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I have benefitted from her essences in many ways including becoming more aware of my

own blocks and insecurities, addressing and clearing physical imbalances in my body, improving my confidence, self esteem and assertiveness, my intuition and my creative expression and ultimately allowing me to know myself more and to allow my true self to shine out into the world without fear.


I highly recommend Penny and her healing essences for anyone from those wanting to enhance their life and wellbeing to those needing to bring about some powerful healing and make radical changes.


Penny is definitely the person who can assist you whatever your situation and whatever path you are on..

Image by Markus Spiske


I had the most wonderful experience with Penny. She truly is at one with the flowers and their energy. 

The essences she intuitively created for me helped me through a chapter of my journey when I really needed extra support.


I’m so thankful for their guidance and her incredible knowledge and kindness. I couldn’t recommend Penny and her essences enough. Thank you x

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I met Penny many many moons ago. We immediately connected over a love of Mother Nature and all things holistic, spiritual and lunar! We are now firm friends and sisters. The essences especially have helped enormously with supporting my mental and emotional health.


Whenever I was out of kilter penny would make me up a bottle of magic flowers either intuitively by feeling what I needed, or that I picked myself using her cards. They always worked. Without fail.


A couple of times those essences have bought me back from some pretty dark places and they are now my first go to when I need emotional support.


I think I’m a good advert for it, 70 years old and never taken any prescription medication! Not bad for an old bird!

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Penny was  very intuitive during the consultation.  I loved her passion and her knowledge about the essences she used.  She has a amazing range of different essences.  

I felt that she really understood my issues and I  liked that she contacted me in-between consultations to see how I was.

I really found a benefit when using the recommended essences. They worked in a gentle way and I felt a shift in my issues.