Silver Rings


This is one of my earliest memories - me aged 4 (on the right) eating an ice cream on a rug in our back garden with my sister, waiting for our rose petal ‘perfume’ to brew. We had picked Dads prized scented pink roses, put the petals in a water filled jar and left it to brew in the sunshine. When we decided they were ready, we sprayed ourselves with our very own perfume. Little did I know at the time but I’d created my very first flower essence that day!

Fast forward over forty years and I am now a mother to two teenage daughters of my own. We are blessed to live on the North Devon coast in an AONB, surrounded by Mother Nature in all her glory. The beach and the surrounding headlands are our playground and the ocean is very healing for my family and I.

I have had a passion for nature, especially flowers, plants and animals my whole life. Most of my family were avid gardeners and I learned a lot from them and have always appreciated how being in and around nature in any way is good for my soul.

Growing up I didn’t understand the Western World’s model of wellbeing (allopathic). It didn’t make sense to me at all. After being prescribed anti depressants for a low spell as a teenager ( I hated how they made me feel) I started my own journey into natural healing and a holistic way of being and living and I started to use homeopathy and flower Essences in my late teens and have never looked back.

For us as a family Essences play a main part in our holistic way of health and well-being. I believe strongly that Mother Nature holds the key to our wellbeing and Essences are just one way she supports us all. I have used and prescribed Essences on myself, my children, family, friends both male and female, pets and even my plants for thirty years now with much success. After completing my Advanced Practitioner Diploma with Essentially Flowers in 2017 I decided to follow my calling and began offering my services professionally. I have since started creating my own range of Essences.

Aside from my flower essence work I also love growing flowers, plants, herbs and food. I love all aspects of plant spirit medicine and am expanding my knowledge of the herbal qualities of whole plants and am currently planning my first biodynamic herb and essence garden.

I also love foraging and the area we live is a feast of wild crafting opportunities! This is a relatively new area for me so I’m loving learning more and experimenting by creating my own tinctures, oils, vinegars and balms with the wild medicine that grows in abundance around here.

I also like crafting things connected to plants and flowers and in my Etsy shop (BloomBeachCrafts) you’ll find my herb smudge sticks, plant hangers and also flower pictures and greeting cards created using the plastic beach junk that I pick up on my regular clean ups on Woolacombe and surrounding beaches. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram @BloomBeachCrafts

I’m passionate about supporting people to create the life they truly deserve and empowering them to reach their full potential.

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