BUTTERCUP Ranunculus acris


Buttercup helps us to acknowledge and experience our own uniqueness and inner light and helps us to realise our full potential. And if we need one thing in this world right now it’s for us all to shine our unique lights brightly out in to this world.


Buttercup is one of the Essences to reinforce confidence, self worth and self esteem. I feel like many of our difficulties in life stem from an inherent lack of self worth and it manifests in many ways. It certainly appears to be at the root of many of the challenges faced by clients in my practice. It can often run very deep and can go back lifetimes.


This essence contains the energetic vibration of this single flower.


  • This essence was co created in Summer 2020 in a field in North Devon. Essence created in sunlight.

    + helps us to realise our full potential

    + helps shine the light that is uniquely you

    +spiritual freedom to define our path

    ⁃ lacking self esteem, self worth and confidence

    ⁃ Unable to acknowledge uniqueness and inner light

    ⁃ Compares self unfavourably to others.

    ⁃ Relieves you from the need to judge yourself by conventional standards of achievement and success.

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