LAVENDER (Lavandula officinalis)


Lavender as a flower essence is especially useful for insomnia, so if you’re having trouble sleeping Lavender essence would be a great place to start. Would be great for children who tend to get wound up at bedtime when they’re supposed to be sleepy. It soothes and cleanses, brings peace to the mind and balance to the emotions. It harmonises nervous tension bought on my excess stimulation such as too much time on screens or general life busyness. It has also proven useful for sleeplessness around the time of the Full Moon - it balances Full Moon energy so it can be harnessed and used beneficially and creatively.


This essence contains the energetic vibration of this single flower.


  • This flower essence was co created in Summer 2020 in my own Devon garden by the sea. Created in full sunlight

    + brings peace to mind and balance to the emotions
    + calms the nervous system
    + serenity -overstimulation or nervous system

    -highly strung/wound up
    -trouble sleeping, especially around Full Moon

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