YARROW Achillea millefolium


This essence is useful to everyone as protection against increasingly high levels of EMF’s and pollution in our environment, but especially invaluable for highly sensitive people, empaths, energy workers and healers who can easily absorb surrounding energies 


Yarrow can also protect us against negative influences when feeling vulnerable, which I’m sure we can all relate to in these rapidly changing times. Consider it a force field shield to protect your whole energy system and will also seal breaks in the aura. It can also support us in creating strong personal boundaries.


This essence contains the energetic vibration of this single flower.


  • This essence was co created in Summer 2020 in a field in North Devon. Essence created in sunlight.

    + protection

    + brightens and strengthens our energy field

    + seals energy breaks in aura

    ⁃ Overidentification with other people’s energy

    ⁃ Oversensitive to environment

    ⁃ Protect from negative influences when vulnerable.

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