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Frequently Asked Questions

The healing and medicinal benefits of plants, herbs and flowers has been used by humans since the beginning of civilisation. 

Modern knowledge and ancient wisdom is combined to deepen the understanding of how vibrational therapy can be used to maintain our good health and well being as well as playing a part in our personal and emotional development.

What are Flower and Vibrational Essences?

Essences are highly diluted energetic infusions of flowers, crystals or environments carried in spring water. The water in the essence carries the unique Vibrational spirit or deva of the plant, crystal or environment. They work on our subtle energetic systems, restoring balance to our emotions and harmonising emotional trauma.


How are flower essences created?

Flower Essences are most commonly created using the sunlight method (although some can be prepared by boiling or moonlight).

A (preferably crystal) bowl is filled 2/3 full with spring water. An energetic connection is made to the chosen flower in full bloom. I usually ask the Flower spirit if they are willing to co create an essence with me. If in agreement the flowers are picked until they cover the surface of the water.


The bowl is left in full sun for around three hours, best in the morning if possible. The water is then strained and bottled (50% essence water and 50% brandy or vodka as a preservative) and the remaining flowers and water are scattered around the site returning them to the earth with gratitude. This preparation is the Mother Tincture. This is then diluted to prepare a stock tincture and further diluted to make a dosage tincture.


Why use just the flower not the whole plant?

The flower is considered to be the highest Vibrational expression of the plant. The highest concentration of life force energy is found in the flower.


What do I do with my bottle of essence?

If you have a 30ml dosage bottle of a single essence or combination of Essences then they are ready to take. Try to use intuitively as needed but as a guide take 2-3 drops 2-3 times a day.

If you bought a 10ml stock strength bottle then this needs further dilution. Either put 2-3 drops in a little water and drink, or prepare a dosage bottle using 2-3 drops of essence in a mix of 1/3 brandy or vodka and 2/3 spring water. Take 2-3 drops as needed.

If alcohol is not possible to use then vegetable glycerine can be used but shelf life will be reduced to a month.


How should I use my essence?

Typically Essences are taken as drops under the tongue. However they can also be added to face and body creams, added to your bath water, in a mister bottle to spray around you and your environment, in a diffuser with essential oils and on pulse points (Floral Acupuncture). Essences can also be used to water your plants and in the garden.


Do Essences smell nice?

It is a common misconception that flower Essences are scented as they are commonly confused with essential oils. As a highly diluted energetic infusion, no physical plant material remain in the essence, therefore they are unscented.


Can I give flower Essences to my children?

Yes. Children are very receptive to Vibrational Essences as they have less toxic build up in their systems than adults. Essences are non toxic and have no adverse side effects so are a perfect support for children’s emotional health.


Can I take flower Essences while pregnant?

Yes. Flower and Vibrational Essences are one of the only modalities to be completely safe during pregnancy, with no contraindications. Essences can be an immense support for both the mother to be and the unborn child, during pregnancy, the birth and beyond.


Is it safe to use essences and prescription medication at the same time?

Yes. They are non toxic and have no adverse side effects. They do not interfere with and are not adversely affected by any other forms of treatment such as homeopathic remedies or prescription medications. They can be used safely at any time by anyone of any age, including your animals and plants!

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